turfgrass science

Deal with important issues of our time as they relate to turfgrass: water, pesticide use, fertilizer use, safety concerns and biodiversity.

Encourage ecological awareness, environmental action and safety among sports enthusiasts and homeowners.  Business courses in management, accounting, business law and human resources prepare graduates for leadership roles within the profession.

The Turfgrass Science specialization gives you a science-based education in turfgrass species selection and their uses in “green” sports field construction and management. Study turfgrass physiology—especially as affected by various environmental conditions—and design technology. Gain a solid understanding of the cultural procedures and equipment needed for turfgrass propagation, maintenance, irrigation, fertilization and cultivation. Learn about pest control programs to maintain turf in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

turfgrass science

With 50 million acres of managed turf in the U.S., the career opportunities are wide in this $40 billion industry. Manage sports complexes, golf courses or commercial landscape turf operations. Start your own company. Turfgrass provides safe playing surfaces on over 700,000 athletic fields nationally, outdoor recreation for nearly 26 million golfers on over 17,000 golf courses and landscapes for tens of millions of home lawns, parks and public spaces.



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