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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major

Career Opportunities

So you’re interested in a career in the plant sciences?! There are so many opportunities to explore!

Over the next 10 years, the job markets for Plant Scientists, Conservationists, and related fields are projected to increase by 7-10%! This is a growing field with opportunities across all sectors, including Industry/Private Business, Academia, Non-profits, and Government Agencies. Just a few of the many examples of jobs include:

Natural Systems and Agroecosystems

  • Restoration ecologist
  • Biological technician
  • Environmental consultant

Food Production

  • Precision agriculture specialist
  • Sustainable crop producer
  • Organic inspector and certifying agent


  • Landscape manager
  • Sports turf manager
  • Public Gardens Designer

Nursery and Greenhouses

  • Greenhouse and farm coordinator
  • Integrated pest management specialist
  • Agricultural sales agent

Research and Development

  • Crop geneticist
  • Plant breeder
  • Plant pathologist


  • Agricultural Extension Agent
  • Food system educator
  • School garden manager


To dig into opportunities, explore the following resources

After you’ve explored the resources, the best thing you can do it… TALK TO PEOPLE! Ask for informational interviews with people in jobs you’re curious about! Talk to your faculty and the Plant Science Program folks! We’re all excited to help you find your path