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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major

Turfgrass Science Careers

The opportunities for majors in Plant Science are as varied as they are limitless and the demand for graduates is steadily increasing. A specialization in Turfgrass Science equips you to develop site plans for an athletic field and keep it in a safe and playable condition throughout the season; manage roadside vegetation for highway departments; or conduct field and laboratory research experiments. You can promote the wise use of natural resources; help residential and commercial property owners; and promote sound management practices to increase safety and productivity.

UF graduates are

Golf course superintendents and designers
Sports facility managers
Lawn care specialists
Parks superintendents
Environmental consultants
Sod farm managers
Government inspectors
Landscapers and contractors
Irrigation technicians
Pest control managers
Baseball groundskeepers
Industry representatives and salespeople

Encourage ecological awareness, environmental action and safety among sports enthusiasts and homeowners.