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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major

Academic Overview

The plant science degree provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and technology of plant production, and their applications for managing plants in human and natural systems.

Students craft a flexible plan of study that helps them gain expertise in a wide array of potential topics, such as sustainable and organic crop production, plant breeding and genetics, biotechnology, greenhouse and landscape industries, native plant conservation, plant health and protection, and turfgrass science.

Courses for the major include introductory biology, chemistry, mathematics, economics, statistics, communications, humanities, Quest courses, and civic literacy. Upper-division requirements include courses in soil science, pests and diseases, natural ecosystems or agroecosystems, physiology, genetics, plant production and propagation, and lab skills. Learn more about the curriculum and specific course requirements here (UF Catalog). You can explore relevant course offerings listed here, or peruse the UF Catalog Course Search and enter in terms of interest for a broader range of options.

Experiential Engagement:

All students will graduate with practical experience! Students complete a guided high-impact practice (HIP) related to their area of interest, starting with a one-credit preparatory Capstone Planning Course (HOS 4918), which introduces students to a range of options for finding experiential opportunities. Students then complete a Practical Work Experience (PLS 4941) involving hands-on learning, which helps them dig into their career ambitions. These lead to the development of a final project incorporating all their experiences into a novel Capstone Project (PLS 4950).

Mentorship for your Course of Study:

Students meet with Program Director (Dr. Liebowitz) during their first semester to chat about what sparks them and then get matched to a Faculty Mentor who will meet with them every semester to help them explore their passions. Students will meet regularly with their Academic Advisor (the talented Jeanie Houk) for additional guidance, and to register for classes and plan their course of study.

Plant Science: Upper Division Model Semester Plan

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