students in greenhouse

When you study how to grow and use plants, you can find new ways to do something meaningful for the quality of life on our planet.

If you are interested in helping growers be profitable and use environmentally sound techniques, creating aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sound landscapes, or conceiving ornamental plant displays and educational programs, you can specialize in Greenhouse and Landscape Industries.

The entire UF campus is our lab. We help people to solve environmental and social problems. In this specialization, you develop sustainable practices for ornamental plant use and production.

Construct computerized irrigation systems. Introduce best management practices for nursery producers to implement. Study the invasive potential of new ornamental plants when they are put into a natural area. Learn how to use Florida-friendly plants and create landscapes that attract wildlife. Make trees and woody plants grow faster to help combat global warming. Design landscapes and displays that teach about the environment. Bring in new plants to help us appreciate the outdoors more.


Explore your creativity and encourage the care of our environment.



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