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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major

Greenhouse and Landscape Industries Critical Tracking

The opportunities for majors in Plant Science are as varied as they are limitless and the demand for graduates is steadily increasing. A specialization in Greenhouse and Landscape Nurseries equips you to use Florida-friendly plants and create landscapes that attract wildlife; suggest flowers, trees and shrubs that raise property values, calm down traffic and people, and abate noise and light pollution; grow new plants and help us appreciate the outdoors more. You can develop computerized irrigation systems; introduce best management practices for nursery producers to implement, or make trees and woody plants grow faster to help combat global warming.

UF graduates are

Exotic plant producers
Landscape designers and architects
Wholesalers and retailers
Greenhouse managers
Plant breeders
Urban planners
Landscape contractors
Irrigation professionals
Salespeople or marketers
Quality control specialists
Production scheduler
Customer service providers
Business owners
Botanical garden directors
Gardening educators
Property managers