plant health and protection

Plant diseases have changed the world, altered history and modified what we grow and eat. If you want to be at the forefront of food security and connect people to a critical resource base, you can specialize in Plant Health and Protection.

This biological approach to diagnosing and controlling plant insects and diseases is fundamental to the production and maintenance of plants. Solve nutritional problems, help plants tolerate viruses, and be at the forefront of how e grow food and ornamental plants for future generations. Plants are critical to medicine and a building block of research, biosecurity and community understanding.

Develop techniques to target specific cells in plants and “cure” viruses.  Make sure people have enough to eat by helping plants tolerate viruses so people in undeveloped and developing countries can grow crops. Your career can take you to the private or public sectors, into industry, academia, politics or medicine.

plant health and protection

Breakthroughs in biology and medicine start from plants and their health.



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