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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major

Welcome to the Plant Science Major!
We’re glad you’re here! 

Students, are you interested in breeding the most nutritious corn or the most gorgeous houseplants? Excited about agroecology or managing biosecurity threats? Passionate about helping farmers adapt to the changing climate, or do you want to grow plants on the moon?! A degree in Plant Science will help you dig into those topics, and so much more!  

Plant scientists sustain and improve our current and future world as they work with foods, fibers, fuel, native ecosystems, landscapes, and more. The Plant Science degree provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and technology of plant production and its applications for managing plants in human and natural systems. 

Explore this site to learn more about the program, and open the UF Catalog for Plant Science for degree requirements. Follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) for updates and opportunities!  


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