Sustainable Crop Production Careers

The opportunities for majors in Plant Science are as varied as they are limitless and the demand for graduates is steadily increasing. A specialization in Sustainable Crop Production equips you to choose sustainable seeds and crop varieties; practice water conservation and sustainable irrigation; or advise growers on adverse environmental impacts. You can work with conservation groups to help farmers improve or maintain the wildlife habitat, while at the same time producing high quality crops; conduct laboratory and field research to produce new types of crops, while still reducing insecticide usage; and go abroad as agricultural advisors or industrial representatives.

UF graduates are

  • Crop managers
  • Agronomists
  • Farm managers
  • Seed systems analysts
  • Cropping systems specialists

  • Plant breeders
  • Extension agents Laboratory technicians
  • Plant germplasm curators
  • Greenhouse managers
  • Natural resource conservationists
  • Sustainable food production advisors
  • Community organizers

  • Farm coop managers
  • Distribution coordinators
  • Ag internship directors
  • Biological science researchers
  • Farm crew leaders

Balance plant production with an ever-changing ecosystem and human needs.