Plant Breeding and Genetics Careers

agronomy class

The opportunities for majors in Plant Science are as varied as they are limitless and the demand for graduates is steadily increasing. A specialization in Plant Breeding and Genetics equips you to develop improved plant varieties, educate the general population about these techniques and conserve genetic resources. You can pursue careers in industry, academia, politics, urban planning or medicine; discover seed treatments; develop and analyze environmental policy; and manage projects and personnel.

UF graduates are

  • Crop breeders
  • Plant nutritionists
  • Molecular geneticists
  • Field testers
  • Journalists

  • Plant pathologists
  • Researchers and educators
  • Plant hunters
  • Lab managers
  • Ornamental plant growers

  • Seed purity coordinators
  • Senior toxicologists
  • Data scientists
  • Psychologists and therapists

Solve problems, create innovative solutions.