General Plant Science Careers

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The opportunities for majors in Plant Science are as varied as they are limitless and the demand for graduates is steadily increasing. A specialization in General Plant Science equips you to manage landscapes and plant collections in public gardens and conservatories; operate a orchard, vegetable farm, greenhouse, flower or plant shop, nursery, landscaping service, garden center, or food processing firm; or install residential and commercial landscape projects. You can write for farm and garden magazines; market wholesale or retail plants; or uncover the world of plants to homeowners and people of all ages.

UF graduates are

  • Extension agents
  • Floriculturists
  • Growers and farmers
  • Floral designers
  • Horticultural therapists

  • Garden center managers
  • Zoo horticulturists
  • Head gardeners
  • Hydoponics technicians
  • Landscape designers
  • Tree and shrub specialists

  • Business owners
  • Real estate developers
  • Winemakers
  • Urban foresters
  • Plant inspectors

Learn the real science behind what you look at every day.