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Plant Science Major

Plant Science Major


Turn your passion for plants into a career.

People don’t realize how often we see and interact with plants. The shirts we wear, the paper we write on—so many products are plant-based.

Plants help us enjoy life more.  They provide shade and wildlife habitat.  They encourage pollinators.  They restore land ruined by over-development and resource extraction. 

In the General Plant Science specialization, you combine art, design and science to study the practical, yet complex essentials of horticulture. You will be able to increase plant productivity and improve quality; choose the right plants, trees and shrubs; and control pests and weeds in a multitude of landscapes. UF’s online courses offer an abundance of opportunities for study, and the specialization is affiliated with UF Research and Education Centers statewide.

Discover how plants interact with psychology and sociology, or their use in medical therapy.  Use plants to solve social problems, for city planning and urban modeling. Work with people of all ages, from those in their early 20s to managers at Fortune 500 companies.  Influence policy decisions at the federal, state and local level.  Operate a walk-in plant clinic and change the way homeowners use precious resources.

Learn the real science behind what you look at every day